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Your membership dollars supports the following PTA programs and more: Science Wonders, Art Exhibition,Kindergarten Roundup, School‐wide Assemblies, Third Grade,Field Day, Lion’s Roar & Web Site, Classroom Materials, Staff Appreciation, First Friday, PTA Dues & Insurance
Sponsor your teacher's PTA membership. If your teacher's membership is paid for already, we will pay for another staff member.
An additional donation will help fund school outreach programs and help meet the needs of the many programs and activities the PTA sponsors throughout the year. Thanks in advance!

Your membership and additional PTA donation may be tax­‐deductible as Las Lomitas PTA is a 501(c)(3) tax­‐exempt nonprofit organization; please save your PayPal receipt as a record. The Las Lomitas PTA tax ID# is 94­‐6172072. Please contact us with any questions.